Quarantine Dating

Dating While Distancing

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Well blog fans, this weekend saw the development of such a great story that I decided I had to break off from my original idea to chronologically tell my dating story. In these times of a worldwide pandemic, social distancing, and a lot of general uncertainty, there is no doubt that the world of dating suddenly looks a little different. While all the dating apps out there are touting virtual dates and some of them are reporting an increase in users, I’m here to assure you that dating while distancing isn’t exactly what they hype it up to be.

Through the first few weeks of these stay at home orders a budding relationship that had started pre corona saw its demise. I’ll get into that story more in a future post, but let’s just say its not exactly fun to find out that the reason your new guy doesn’t want to see you anymore has nothing to do with the virus and more to do with the fact that he’s just not that into you.

So after a bit of wallowing and a general sense that dating right now isn’t going to yield many results, I decided to give my likes and matches a little look. Maybe I’d at least find someone interesting to talk to, or as it turns out another great story to share with all of you. I’m currently active on Match and Hinge so I spend my time bopping back and forth between the two. After not getting much traction with Hinge the first time I tried it, there seem to at least be more guys that are attracting my attention there these days. While bored one day last week, I decided to go through all 70 some of the likes I had, mostly to clear out my notifications. Don’t worry, I’m not really that popular. Many of these likes were from long ago when I wasn’t really actively using the app, but hadn’t hidden my profile. Rude, I know. From these likes, I matched with about 6 guys who looked interesting and figured I’d see if I got any messages in return. I exchanged a few messages with one guy in particular and when he asked for my number to make communicating easier, I agreed even though I don’t normally like to do that so early on. I don’t really have qualms about giving out my number, but when you have a bunch of random Steve and Joe and Michael’s in your phone, it gets a little tough to keep them all straight. Well this conversation quickly went from the typical what are you up to this weekend and do you like cooking to this.


Did this guy actually just ask me out on a date in the middle of a pandemic? We barely even know each other and he’s asking me to risk my personal safety in more ways than one to go on a date with him? Well as you can see I hit him with a classic sarcastic response because I was honestly dumbfounded. I didn’t even have the time to point out that he just invited me to his place for alcohol on the first date. That’s not creepy AF or anything. Pro-tip to all the single ladies out there: Don’t ever go to his place or yours on the first date. Even in the middle of quarantine when nothing else is open. So let’s see how this fun story continues… 


I should say that his profile said he’s originally from Georgia so I guess knowing that, this all makes more sense. He’s also got excellent detective skills. 


Well sir, next time you’re looking to not strike a nerve with someone you barely know, can I suggest sticking with the more basic get to know you questions? I really do hope the scope of this virus begins slowing soon so we can go out and see people in real life again. Although I obviously won’t be seeing him. I’m also pretty sure there’s no chance I’ll be meeting Mr. Right right now. In all seriousness, I know there are way worse things happening out there during this pandemic than my dating life being put on hold, but I hope this story brought you a smile or a laugh at least for a minute. 

Until next time…


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