Early Years

Sexier Than Socks on a Rooster?

adult blur books close up
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Ahh college… the place some people go to get their MRS. degree, the place where some people’s one night stand becomes their happily ever after, but you already know that’s not where this story goes. To be honest, in college, I was extremely nervous about dating. With my limited experience with kissing and basically nothing else, I was admittedly intimidated about expectations for quickly taking a little fun at first base all the way to a home run. I was still all about following the rules and although I wasn’t sure I would be waiting for marriage to go all the way, I knew that hooking up wasn’t really in my vocabulary at that time. Add to that being a dance major which didn’t exactly give me access to many viable options. So I did what I know how to do best which was study and dance my butt off. I had a few crushes here and there. The one straight boy in the dance department who was also a math geek. The long distance crush on my co-worker from home. It turned out he was into boys, but we had a great friendship that lasted for many years to come. And although we don’t talk much anymore, I know that if we got together again, we would pick back up right where we left off.

And then there was *Eddie, a student in my non-major ballet class. I mean who wouldn’t fall for a guy who can hold his own as the only guy in a ballet class full of girls. So when that quarter ended and he wasn’t my student anymore, I tried to pursue him. That just turned out to be a big mess with crazy text messages from me about how dumb he was for not coming to the bar to meet up with my friends and I. Live and learn- I was clearly behind in this whole flirting game. It only got awkward a few years later when I was living in Chicago and Eddie turns out the be the roommate of my friend’s boyfriend. Cue awkward house party. 


After college, I returned home for a year to save some money and gain experience teaching dance. I had decided after that year I would move to Chicago and try my hand at professional dancing and see what happened. So I was on a mission and in order to make and save as much money as possible, I continued my part time job as a professional pretzel roller for Auntie Anne’s. It was a fun job with mostly great people, and it was during this year that I met my little redneck *Shawn. He had a crooked smile and lots of charm and we had fun flirting with each other throughout many shifts. One of his favorite things to say was you know “I’m sexier that socks on a rooster.” Quite an image I know. Anyway, our flirtations slowly grew until it was kind of obvious to everyone that we liked each other. We would text late at night talking about anything and nothing at all. The main problem here is Shawn was younger than me and this was clearly a terrible idea since I knew I would be leaving in less than a year for Chicago. Just one of the many examples to come of bad timing in my dating life. 

So we continued flirting until we eventually shared a kiss in the parking lot after closing together at work one day. And damn was that kiss good! Of course one kiss led to more and anytime we were closing together, there would be some making out in the back of the store whenever we were alone. One fond memory involved a particularly lovely make-out session where his hands began roaming a little more than usual. Cue the little rush of excitement that ran through my body. Sadly this lovely moment was interrupted when the mall security guard walked by the outside of the store and cleared his throat to remind us that we weren’t really alone and it was time to get going. I also had my first (and only to this point) ride on a four wheeler during that winter. What’s more redneck than making out by the fire in the snow and then riding around in circles on the four wheeler? Almost nothing, I think. As summer drew nearer, we mutually agreed that we had to end things. I was moving on to the big city and he was a WV redneck for life.

Until next time when a small town girl hits big city adventures and finds her first real boyfriend…


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