Early Years

One or Two or Three Night Stand

people having a toast
Photo by Julia Kuzenkov on Pexels.com

Wedding Bells

Ahhh weddings. The perfect place to celebrate romance and love. There’s that little bit of magic in the air. So my good friend from high school was getting married, and I was excited to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I traveled back home that October for a weekend of fun. Since our paths after high school had taken us in different directions and to different parts of the country, I had only met her fiance a few times and didn’t really know any of his friends since they had met in college. I didn’t expect to know many people at the wedding other than our other mutual friends from high school. As we gathered at the church for the rehearsal, things sort of began to feel like that awkward middle school dance. The guys huddled together on one side, the girls circled up in another area. Everyone chatting and nervously looking around to scope out the scene. The fun began when one of the bridesmaids shared gossip that one of the groomsmen had previously been an underwear model. Quickly we all started trying to sneakily steal glances at the guys from behind, and placing our bets on who we thought it might be.

One of the groomsmen, John*, didn’t really catch my attention much until the next day at the wedding. He looked very dapper in his suit, and I started to find myself throwing some flirty glances his way and hoping to find myself at a table with him during dinner. Seeing as how we were both the shortest of the wedding party, it’s too bad we weren’t paired to walk down the aisle together or maybe we would have found our chemistry even sooner.

Finally, at the reception after a few glasses of wine, we finally found ourselves next to each other. I batted my eyelashes, and told him I thought he was the underwear model. Maybe not where I had placed my bet yesterday, but there was certainly nothing to complain about from his rear view. He shared that he’d been trying to find ways to get to me sooner. We had a few dances together, and I started to hope that I might get invited back to his hotel room. Considering that at this time a year ago, I’d barely more than kissed a guy, I’ve really come a long way. The rest of the evening gets a little blurry from there. When you’re drinking unlimited glasses of wine on your parents tab at the country club, you tend to kind of loose track of how far in you’ve gone. And when wine drunk is your best drunk, might as well keep it up.

Wine Drunk

So what exactly happened after all the dancing and flirting, when the wedding began to wind down? Well, some tell a tale that I wandered my way into the freezer in the kitchen. I have always and still to this day refuse to believe that there is any truth to that tale. John definitely invited me back to the hotel with him. I definitely remember telling my friend and fellow bridesmaid how glad I was that I wore my new sexy, lacy underwear that day, ya know just in case something exciting happened.

After arriving at the hotel, tensions began to rise in the elevator as we eagerly anticipated our chance to be alone. It’s true we may have been caught mid-kiss when the elevator doors opened again. A little too inebriated and infatuated to be as sly as Christian Grey and Anna in our elevator make-outs. The original plan was to meet the rest of the bridal party in someone’s room for card games, but not surprisingly, we never made it. Would I still be awake if he ran to the convenience store next door for some more wine and protection? A valid question for my current state of buzzed. Also, apparently neither one of us had been prepared for how this night might end. Well awake I stayed, and disappointed I was not. This guy was good and he knew how to take control and please a lady. Afterwards, I expected us to just pass out, but instead we stayed awake for hours talking about random things. I was surprised to find that we had a connection beyond the physical passion.  After finally falling asleep for a few hours, we woke up and blessed the morning with another delightful tussle between the sheets. As great as this night was though, it was just a one night stand, right?

The Aftermath

After dropping me off that morning and exchanging numbers, I was feeling great, but not expecting this to go any further. After all, I lived in Chicago, and he was living in Pittsburgh. Not exactly an easy set up for turning your one night stand into a relationship. However, we began texting quite often, and we made plans to meet up again at a football game over Thanksgiving. Luckily, my sister had an apartment there that was empty because of the holidays, so we were able to recreate some of the magic of our first night together again. We repeated this scenario one more time while I was home for Christmas. Meeting up at my sister’s place, going out for dinner, and “breaking her bed” later on that evening. (Note: The bed was not really broken, but the boards holding the mattress up had a tendency to fall off frame and cause the mattress to sink. It’s just way more fun to say we broke the bed.)

The next morning, I was heading back to Chicago and John dropped me off at the airport in Pittsburgh on his way home. We discussed the possibility of him coming to Chicago for New Year’s or shortly after. In the end, that visit never happened and our lovely fling fizzled out. I tried to hold out hope, but the long distance seemed to be too complicated and he eventually stopped responding to my messages. That one hurt for longer than it should have. The connection was such magic out of nowhere, and being the romantic that I am, I always hoped we would reconnect down the line somewhere, but the fates were not aligned that way. I eventually moved on to online dating- the hilarious tales of which are what actually inspired the start of this blog. The memories of this fling will always stay with me. They showed a more adventurous and wild side to my normally sweet and reserved nature. And not that you should compare sex with one guy to another, but let’s be honest, we all probably do. This one will always rank near the top of my list. 

Until next time when the online dating adventures begin…


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