The Awkward Turtle

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So after my last encounter with a terrible lunch date, you’d think I might have learned some lessons. But you know, like they say, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If you’re just joining us, you may want to go back and catch up on my date with Mr. Rude first.

After taking a break from online dating to reset, I was back at it, and had found George. George was attractive in his pictures, and he was Greek. Being half Greek myself, this seemed like a nice connecting point. It’s not a requirement on my list of wants, but it’s definitely a nice plus. The movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding has some pretty accurate depictions of Greek families, so if someone already knows what to expect, it might not be quite so jarring to enter that family dynamic. But I digress. Let’s get back to the date.

I had been messaging with George for the typical week or two when we made plans to have lunch at The Green Turtle, a a restaurant and sports bar that was located in a good middle ground between the two of us. Before our date, George was kind enough to message me what he would be wearing. A nice gesture, but if I can’t figure out who you are based on the pictures I’ve seen, we might have a big problem. As per my usual early bird tendencies, I arrived a few minutes early. I sat in my car for a few minutes, scoping out the parking lot, but eventually I got impatient and went inside. I had the host go ahead and seat me at a table as I waited. Big mistake!

Are You My Date?

I spent what felt like an eternity, but was probably only 10 minutes, sitting at the table waiting, looking over to the entrance every so often while casually perusing the menu. I was beginning to get worried, and wondered if maybe I had missed seeing George on my way in, and he was actually sitting at another table waiting for me. I walked back up by the host stand and looked around at the other tables. I even walked up to a guy at the bar and asked if he was George. He wasn’t. Although he was really cute, so I wish his name had been George too. At that point, I was starting to be sure that I was being stood up when I checked the entrance one more time. Finally, I found George just sitting there, waiting. We’re off to such a great start. It can only go up from here, right?

Bumps in the Road 

We get through the pleasantries and the ordering without too much fuss. Although we each keep bringing up different topics of conversation, nothing seems to really stick to get things flowing. It turns out being Greek was about all we had in common. Our server was also unhelpfully very slow. By the time we finished eating, I was MORE than ready to leave, but it took her forever and a day to bring the bill. Did we mistakenly look like we were having a great time? We are awkwardly looking at each other and no one is talking! Help a girl out here! Finally, we paid and were freed to the world. I turned George down for another date and made another dating rule. From now on, first dates would be strictly for coffee or a drink. The kind of date than can be over in 30 minutes or last a few hours if it’s going well. I can’t say I always stick to this rule 100% of the time, but usually when I break it, I’m disappointed that I did.

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